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Southern Sands Series

Southern Sands is the first series by A.M. Williams.

It is set in the fictional town of Gunner Falls, North Carolina, which is loosely based on several small towns in the area from which Williams is from.

Each book focuses on a different member of the southern rock band Southern Sands.


  Jax: Southern Sands Book 1

Who can resist the bad boy rock guitarist?


Karlie tries, but like every other girl that sees him play, she fails. 


Jax likes having a different girl every night. He’s a love ‘em and leave ‘em type. That is until he meets Karlie. She’s a challenge that he is determined to win over, but he just doesn’t know how.


Will he tame his wild ways to win the girl of his dreams?


  Harry: Southern Sands Book 2

The good guy always wins the girl, right?


It sure doesn't feel like it for Harry. She’s avoiding him, letting him go, and pushing him away into the arms of another. 


Bailey is just confused. About everything. She loves Harry and he’s the lead singer in a rock band. How much more sexy does a guy have to be? But she's scared of how her past experience might taint what they have going together. 


Will she get over herself and succumb to the power of love, a love that will see them through to the end of time? Or will she give in to her fears?


  Veronica: Southern Sands Book 3

Isn’t breaking up supposed to make things better?

Veronica thinks so, but soon discovers that while the relationship was over for her, it wasn’t for her ex. She leaves to start over, not knowing he is close behind.

Levi is intrigued by Veronica’s smooth singing voice and hot body. He definitely wants to get to know her better, but he can’t quite figure out why she’s so standoffish to him, using every opportunity to slip from his fingers.

Will Veronica allow herself to try and love again?


  Grayson: Southern Sands Book 4

How do you get your old flame out of your head when she swears she's moved on and they're done?

Harlow is educated and worldly and everything Grayson wants from a woman, but she has a lot to lose. Her job. Her status in life. Her reputation. 

Grayson is sexy and hanging out with the rock musician lets Harlow throw off her inhibitions and be who she really wants to be.

Their attraction is everything, but is it enough to work out their differences?


  Bentley: Southern Sands Book 5

Plays well with others? Please. 

Unless it deals with music, Bentley couldn't care less about other people. He's a loner that prefers to do things at his own pace. That is, until he meets a writer that just might change his mind.

Like the others, Zoe finds herself struggling to work with the temperamental designer. At every turn, Bentley is challenging her and forcing her to scramble to keep up.

Will Bentley be able to change his ways to show Zoe that he's not as gruff as he seems to be and actually work up the courage to take her on a date?