Boys of Summer

In Somerville, North Carolina, there's a bus league baseball team called the Spartans. They're working to claw their way to a championship while also finding love.

This series features men in tight baseball pants, the sassy women they fall for, and America's greatest pastime--baseball.


The Changeup

Meet Chase Anderson, the coach to the Spartans and the woman he doesn't want to like, Emma Carlisle.

Tropes: workplace romance, light enemies-to-lovers

The Fastball

Meet Derek Nichols, the starting pitcher for the Spartans and the woman that steals his heart, Callie Jacobs.

Tropes: Vegas wedding


The Screwball

Meet Jon Alvarez, the catcher for the Spartans, and the woman he mistakes for a man, Preston Pierce.

Tropes: light enemies-to-lovers, workplace romance

The Knuckleball

Meet Alex "King" Johnson, starting short stop for the Spartans, and Charlotte Nichols, the girl who gives him a run for his money.

Tropes: best friend's sibling


The Slider

More coming soon...

Tropes: mistaken identity, single parent

The Curveball

More coming soon...

Tropes: second chance, splash of military