Boys of Summer

In Somerville, North Carolina, there’s a bus league baseball team called the Spartans. They’re working to claw their way to a championship while also finding love.

This series features men in tight baseball pants, the sassy women they fall for, and America’s greatest pastime–baseball.

The Changeup 3D cover
The Changeup

Meet Chase Anderson, the coach to the Spartans, and the woman he doesn’t want to like, Emma Carlisle.

Tropes: workplace romance, light enemies-to-lovers

The Fastball

Meet Derek Nichols, the starting pitcher for theĀ Spartans, and the woman who steals his heart, Callie Jacobs.

Tropes: Vegas wedding

The Fastball 3D cover
The Screwball 3D cover
The Screwball

Meet Jon Alvarez, the catcher for the Spartans, and the woman he mistakes for a man, Preston Pierce.

Tropes: workplace romance, light enemies-to-lovers

The Knuckleball

Meet Alex “King” Johnson, starting shortstop for the Spartans, and Charlotte Nichols, the girl who gives him a run for his money.

Tropes: best friend’s sibling

The Knuckleball 3D cover
The Slider 3D cover
The Slider

Meet Jacob Vaughn, the third baseman for the Spartans, and Zoe Atkinson, the local girl that helps him believe in love again.

Tropes: mistaken identity, singleĀ parent, divorced hero

The Curveball

Meet Luke “Voodoo” Kelly, the new left-fielder for the Spartans, and Audrey Wallace, the one that go away.

Tropes: second chance, friends-to-lovers, holiday

The Curveball 3D cover

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