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The Boys of Summer are coming...


Hot men, baseball, and...love?

Emma Carlisle never expected to find love in her workplace, but she did. But she sure did try and avoid it and him. 

Chase Anderson has a chip on his shoulder and a need to prove he's still the best since the injury that took him off the pitcher's mound. 

They both fight the attraction between them, neither wanting to give in to the inevitable. Will they allow themselves to drop the pretense?

Coached in Love is the prequel to A.M. Williams newest series, The Boys of Summer. It's a short introduction to the Somerville Spartans. If you like men in tight baseball pants, sizzling chemistry, and a happily ever after, this is the book for you.


It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye...or you wake up in Vegas married with no memory of the event.

Callie has no time for a relationship. Who needs the hassle of a constant man when she can just run through a line of boytoys with little issue?

Derek was attracted to Callie from the moment he saw her. From her black hair, to her green eyes, he wanted it all. The only problem? She wasn’t interested.

It all goes sideways at a bachelor and bachelorette party and they end up tied together in an unimaginable way. Will they be just another statistic or will they figure out they’re meant to be together?

Dirty Pitch the is first book in A.M. Williams new series The Boys of Summer. It has hot men in tight pants, a splash of baseball, and as always, a happily ever after. Get your copy today!


In the macho world of baseball, it sometimes takes a woman to bring it all home.


Emerson is used to the innuendos; that’s what you get for working in a man’s world. What she’s not used to is feeling unbridled attraction to one of the players on the baseball team that she works for. And that just won’t do.


Alvarez loves ladies, but only for one night at a time. He hasn’t met a woman that he can’t get to come to bed with him or that he wants to stick around. That is...until he meets Emerson and realizes that he just might have met his match.


Playing for Keeps is the second book in A.M. Williams newest series Boys of Summer. If you like sexy chemistry, internal struggles, and hot men, this is the book for you. Claim your copy today!


Cover Reveal 15 October

It takes a queen to make a true King.

Alexander “King” Johnson is used to getting his way, whether it be with women or on the baseball diamond. He has the looks and the skills to draw attention and keep it. His only problem? His attitude.

Charlotte Nichols has seen her share of arrogant baseball players. After all, her brother is the starting pitcher for the Spartans. She has no desire to spend her free time with a baseball player. Until she meets someone online and realizes that maybe not all baseball players are as stuck up as they seem.

Will King curb his attitude to let Charlotte in and become a better person? Or is that one step too far?

King of the Field is the third book in A.M. Williams series Boys of Summer. If you like an arrogant male, a woman that won’t put up with disrespect, and sizzling chemistry, this is the book for you. Get your copy today!

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